3 Things to Keep In Mind When Replacing Kitchen Counters

February 11, 2022

By admin


In 2016, 85% of the renovations conducted in the U.S. were either paid in cash or savings. Most people start planning for their home renovations way before they even start saving for it. They not only want to change the aesthetic appeal in their homes but also get a good deal for their money. Just like all projects, your kitchen renovation can’t be completed without replacing kitchen counters. Since you may not know where to start, we’ve compiled three ultimate things that you should keep in mind when replacing kitchen counters.

1. Consider Materials and Design

Choosing top-quality materials when replacing kitchen counters is crucial to the durability and functionality of your kitchen. You don’t want to be fixing issues now and then. Luckily, incorporating your countertops into your theme shouldn’t be too hard as long as you have the design in mind. Be sure to do thorough research on the vast array of materials in the market and learn about the maintenance requirements for each so you choose one that is manageable. Don’t forget to consider the cost of every material to avoid going way above your budget.

2. Be Sure to Get Accurate Measurements

When replacing kitchen counters, getting the ideal materials and designs isn’t enough. You must get accurate measurements to avoid any unprecedented costs. You want accountability for even that last quarter inch. While you might choose to DIY, some things are better left to experts. Also, hiring a professional will save you all the hassle since they’ve done this project multiple times.

3. Hire the Right Team

Choosing the right team when replacing kitchen counters is essential for your project. It means you have to vet various contractors to get estimates and to confirm the quality of their work. The last thing you want is to put your project in incompetent hands. Therefore, to ensure that you save time and money, get quotations from each contractor and go through their previous projects. Make sure you don’t commit to either of them before going through the whole list and making sure you find the one that has quality work that falls under your budget.

If you have everything ready, as stated in this guide, then you are good to go. Contact your contractor for that new look!

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