3 Important Changes to Make During a Kitchen Remodel

January 31, 2024

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You’ve decided it’s finally time to renovate your outdated and worn-out kitchen. While cosmetic changes like painting the cabinets or replacing the backsplash can provide a quick refresh, you likely have some bigger updates in mind requiring the help of a professional home remodeling company. Here are three important changes you might want to consider making during a kitchen remodel.

1. Select Durable and Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

With heavy daily use, your kitchen takes a beating. When picking materials, opt for durable and easy-to-clean options that can withstand messes and wear and tear over time. Replace laminate countertops with durable quartz or granite. Additionally, stainless steel makes an excellent appliance choice for its sleek look and stain resistance. Swap any aging tile for trendy, low-maintenance luxury vinyl plank flooring in wood-look finishes. Discuss options best suited for your lifestyle and budget with your home remodeling company.

2. Update Layout and Storage

Does your current kitchen layout result in bottlenecks when multiple cooks are at work? Are you low on storage space for food, dishes, and appliances? Outdated layouts and insufficient storage can make cooking and prepping frustrating. As part of your remodel, evaluate the workflow of the space and your storage needs. Knocking down a wall to open the space, adding an island or pantry, or installing pull-outs and drawers can make a big difference in functionality. An experienced home remodeling company can help reconfigure your layout for the better.

3. Focus on Quality Over Trends

While you want your kitchen remodel to look fresh and contemporary, focus more on durable materials and timeless style over temporary trends. High-quality surfaces, cabinets, hardware, and lighting fixtures will have a longer lifespan in your home; you can easily and affordably change accent details when styles shift. Work with a reputable and experienced home remodeling company that can provide you with options catered to your unique space. They can guide you through decision-making to avoid trendy picks you may later regret. Investing in flexible classic designs done properly the first time is key for lasting enjoyment of your updated kitchen for years to come.

According to ComfyLiving, in the United States, the most popular home renovation is kitchen remodeling. With some thoughtful planning and expert help, you can create the revamped kitchen of your dreams that both looks amazing and functions flawlessly for all your cooking and socializing needs. If you’re ready to start the process of remodeling your kitchen, call City One Design Gallery today to learn how we can help.

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