The Top 5 Leading Bathroom Trends Of 2020

February 17, 2020

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“Next to kitchens, bathrooms are the number two selling point in most homes,” Resident Sales Consultant Keller Williams tells USA Today. Do not miss the opportunity to improve some of the most important rooms in your house. Even small makeovers can pack a potential return on investment (ROI) of up to 102%.

Learn the top bathroom design trends of 2020 and get started today!

1. A New Take On Marble

A noteworthy 68% of homeowners visit home improvement web pages. This year, homeowners looking out for the latest trends–or simply for ideas to replace bathroom countertops–will come across marble again and again. In 2020, however, designers are getting increasingly daring and adventurous with marble bathroom counters, marble backdrops, and even realistic-looking marble wallpaper.

Instead of matching veins, more homeowners are opting for book matching marble. What does this mean? Marble that is book-matched resembles an open book, with two parts reflecting each other like a mirror. Similarly, marble in striking colors–like yellows, blues, and greens–is more popular than ever before. Wallpaper that closely resembles marble or marbelized wallpaper is another top trend making a statement this year.

2. Pale Pinks And Earth Tones

When it comes to overall color schemes, replace bathroom cabinets, countertops, wallpaper, and bathroom fixtures with elements in pale pink or earth tones. Pale pink, blonde beige, or subtle, subdued copper create a sense of calm — perfect for that long soak in a hot bath. Similarly, earth tones like charcoal and forest green evoke the purity of being in nature.

3. Artsy Tile

In 2020, the most important theme when selecting a tile is to mix it up. Choose something you have not seen before. When it comes to tile, it should be artistic. Different.

Some ways to achieve that are choosing shaped tiles. Elle Decor recommends scalloped tiles. These rounded tiles create a soft yet eye-catching look and can suggest seashells, the beach, and/or a nautical theme if that is the way you would like to go. Another idea is to choose tiles with a textured look or feel. This can be anything from tiles arranged at unusual angles or tile with a terrazzo effect.

4. A Penchant For Drama: The Black Tub

Replace bathroom countertops and opt for bathroom cabinet installations with fixtures painted soft pink, earth tones, or all-white. Paint walls using the same color scheme. Keep it simple and subdued, until it comes to the bath. When it comes to the bathtub, choose black or navy for a high drama look. “Including a black freestanding tub into a bathroom design will add a bit of opulence to the space. When combined with exceptional plumbing fixtures, this makes for a striking focal point in an otherwise serene space,” Interior Designer Courtney Hill Fertitta tells Elle Decor. Deep soaking tubs in black or matte black are especially trendy this year.

5. Smart Technologies Have Their Place In Bathrooms, Too!

“Alexa, turn the shower on!” While it may still be some time before you hear those exact words, smart technologies in bathrooms are quickly gaining ground. Modern, connected bathrooms use mobile apps to program and control music, aromatherapy, and lighting during showers and baths. Smart technologies may automatically de-mist bathroom mirrors and display temperatures on easy-to-read LED outputs. Replace bathroom countertops that are outdated with new, tech-friendly countertops with built-in, waterproof USB ports.

Move over kitchen renovations and projects revolving around replacing kitchen counters! More and more homeowners are cottoning on to the value of a modern and trendy bathroom. Make ROI- and trend-friendly changes. Covert old plastic tubs to tile ones for a return of investment of up to 84% on moving day!

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