Finding the Best Countertop Replacements for Your Home

May 19, 2021

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In 2018, $394 billion was spent on home improvement projects in the U.S., with replacement countertops accounting for a substantial percentage of the total sales. Countertops have both aesthetics and practical benefits in your kitchen and bathroom. Countertops provide enough elbow room for all your kitchen activities and also boost your kitchen’s overall appeal. For these reasons, you should be thorough when choosing countertop replacements for your kitchen or your bathroom.

Lucky for you, the following tips will help you choose the right countertop replacements for your home improvement project.

Weigh the Different Countertop Options Available

Countertops are made from different materials that come in many colors, patterns, and designs. Some of the most popular countertop materials include quartz, granite, concrete, marble, laminate, and solid surface. Each of these materials has varying installation, repair, and maintenance costs and needs.

For instance, granite and marble countertops are costlier compared to concrete and laminate countertops. It’s also easier to maintain concrete and quartz countertops, as marble and granite countertops need more maintenance. Therefore, when selecting countertop replacements, choose the countertop material that’s more convenient and appropriate to you and your home.

Engage Countertop Installers

After selecting your countertop replacements, engage a countertop contractor near you to install your countertops expertly. You want to avoid DIY installation, especially if you have not installed countertops before. Some of these countertops, such as marble countertops, are sophisticated to install and cost top dollar. As such, if an installation goes south, you stand to lose a lot of money and waste even more time correcting the flaws. Also, you may not achieve the perfect look in your kitchen or bathroom because you may lack the necessary design and installation experience.

Consider Your Home Improvement Budget

When selecting countertop replacements for your home, it’s important to consider your budget because countertops vary in price. For instance, installing granite countertops costs about $75 per square foot, while installing marble countertops costs around $100 per square foot. However, you can achieve magnificent results using more affordable countertops if you take the time to select unique designs, colors, and patterns and have an experienced contractor install your replacement countertops.

Finding the best countertop replacements for your home should be easy with the above tips. A countertop contractor is best suited to help you make the right choice for replacement countertops.

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